Supercar Saturday @ The Arboretum of South Barrington - 06/03/2017

Last weekend, the second Supercar Saturday of the year took place at The Arboretum of South Barrington. I got to this one a little later than usual around 9am, the official start of the event, and by then every single parking spot in the main area and much of the overflow was already full.

I was only able to be at this one for around an hour as I had an oil change scheduled a half hour away at Westmont BMW at 10:30 (which ended up turning into a 3 hour ordeal as my 7 year old battery died in the service bay and had to be replaced/registered right there...), however with two cameras slung across my shoulders I was able to get some good coverage.

The Arboretum is definitely a hit for Supercar Saturday, and there are always a handful of very rare cars that show up as you'll see here.

One of the day's ultra rare cars was a beautiful acid green Porsche 918, an exotic car in an even more exotic color.

Not far away was a stunning orange Aventador, decked out in carbon fiber aero bits and a rear wing fitting for Lamborghini's most special car.

A stunning Mercedes SLR McLaren roadster was also parked among the rest of the . The SLR McLaren came out in a time when the more extreme Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT were on sale. Despite looking more pedestrian, it still offered near-supercar performance. The 722S model which was here saw a run of 150 units in 2009, offering an extra 24 horsepower and 97 pounds of weight saving compared to the base model while offering a throwback to the Mille Miglia with the 722 designation, which was the number of the winning team of Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson who won the famous race in 1955.

As always, the rest of the cars throughout the day did not disappoint.

You made it to the bottom huh? Here's a bonus shot from my phone while waiting at the dealer after: